I Bought a Samsung LCD Monitor P2250

I haven’t been traveling for quite sometime now. I’ve been busy with office works lately. So, I scarcely share anything here. I just wanted to share that I had bought a new Samsung LCD Monitor P2250 yesterday at SM North EDSA Annex.

It is my practice to do some information gathering before purchasing a gadget or product. I do this by searching for the best sellers, the popular, and the best quality. After which, I am now ready to do some price canvassing around the mall. For your benefit, I have here the prices that I had known in my activity yesterday. I saved you so much leg work there. Ü

2343 (23”)933 (19")
2050 (21”)2250 (21.5”)2370 (23”)2233
PC Chain

PhP 11,500
PhP 8,000

Think PC

PhP 8,700

PhP 10,650
IT Madness

PhP 9,100

Micro Station

PhP 10,999


PhP 7,500

PhP 10,900 / PhP 11,500


PhP 9,950
PhP 12,295

NT CompMart

PhP 7,150

PhP 10,990 (display)


PhP 10,000 (display)


PhP 11,590 / PhP 10,800
PhP 13,690 / PhP 13,000

Silicon Valley

PhP 9,295 / PhP 8,300
PhP 11,795 / PhP 10,550


PhP 11,490

We (me and my girl) do not really ask all these models. I am really after P2250. Those with 2 prices are for cash and card payment. The higher price is for card payment. Actually, I am not yet supposed to purchase one. But I am encouraged by the “Buy Now, Pay Next Year” promo of the BDO and participating stores. At the same time, there’s an event at SM Annex that will give me a free umbrella (worth PhP230) if I’ll participate.

Samsung LCD Monitor P2250

With price comparisons, I chose to buy my Samsung LCD Monitor P2250 from CompLink, and availed the BDO promo. Another thing, Samsung has the Incredibly Stylish, Unbelievably Dealicious Promo that gives away a free Samsung E1080 mobile phone for every purchase of any qualified Samsung LCD Monitor at participating Samsung dealers.

So there, in case you wanted to purchase an LCD monitor, I’ve done a part of your canvassing work. Good Luck!
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  1. Ekxodus Says:

    tnx sa pag-canvass at info, hindi ko na kelangn mg-hanap, hehehe... :)

    bumaba ng almost 2k ang presyo ng P2250 ngayon compared last 3 months ago.

  2. Summer Says:

    Hi there Paulo! =D
    This is really a big help for us who wants to buy one. We don't have to take more time for searching. You've already done it for us. Thanks a lot. =D

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    Brown Mestizo