Search Engine for e-Books

When I was still taking up my Master’s Degree, I would always sort out to searching for e-books for my resources. These e-books had been very helpful for me for my assignments, report works, and even baby theses. However, I must admit that searching for the e-books that I really needed is not that easy. I would always stumble to false URLs, wasting my time and money.

I should have known about pdf search engine beforehand. The said search engine is specially made for searching e-books. Keying in the title of the book, the author, and an excerpt in the search engine will surely lead you to the exact e-book you are looking for. No more falsified URLs, no more wasting of your valuable time and money.

Do you need an e-book? You know where to search for it now.
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  1. Basyon Says:

    This is great! Looking for e-books made easier by this engine. Cool. ;D

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    Mom on the Run
    Chronicles of a Hermit