Christmas Celebrity Run 2009, The Fort, Bonifacio Global City

My Running Diary:
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  8. Christmas Celebrity Run 2009 - December 20, 2009 (chaos)
Before I bid goodbye to 2009, I had my last run for the year: The Christmas Celebrity Run 2009 held last December 20 at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City. I am really not sure if we can make it to this event the night before since my girl suffered from dysmenorrhea all throughout the day. But then she woke me up at around 3 in the morning and told me that she already ate her breakfast and was about to take a bath. With that, I get up from my bed and prepare for my last run for the year.

Well, I barely remember what had transpired from my preparations to our arrival at the starting line. It is already almost a year ago, LOL! Anyhow, I vividly remember how chaotic the event had been (for the 5K category). And probably the heavens had sent the signal by showering a very light rain before the 5K gun start. But we did not bother ourselves with the mist that falls at our skin. I also did not tire out myself by keeping pace with the 'competitive runners'. Instead I just jog and try to enjoy myself (it is a fun run anyway, so I might wanna have fun right?). But as we near our 2K mark of the 5K race route, somebody from the 5K racers was shouting and running in the opposite direction telling everyone else (5K racers) to go back for we had traversed a wrong route. Since almost everyone is turning back, we also stopped and return - hoping to find a signage (or a marshall) that could lead us to the right track.

But, as we already reached the 1K mark of every runners' route, we were only directed to the finish line. WHAT?! That was a total MESS! Given that this event had been moved from October to December, they could have prepared and organized the event much better and more perfect. It really dismayed a lot of runners (including us of course).

To top it all, the race results have been released. And NONE of us (9 runners) were in their list (3 10K runners, and 6 5K runners). We were not even registered at the same time nor at the same place. Could you imagine that? So here's what I have to say about the event:

Two Thumbs Down
2 Responses
  1. PUSANG-kalye Says:

    they don't want this event to be a future success I guess. Pity the organizer.....

  2. Have a nice Adventure... ^^, This event doesn't succeed, because they are not prepared and they could have organized the event much better... But the good thing is, you are the part of this event in Fort Bonifacio. ^^