My Girl's Question

When my girl asked me if I would still love her if she is fat or if she becomes ugly (she is now, joke!) or if she is that and this and more. My kiddingly answer would be “Okay lang, wala naman akong magagawa eh” (“It’s alright, I can’t do anything about it”), and then we’ll be laughing our hearts out.

Well honestly, girl’s vanity is not that disagreeable to me. I know for a fact that they just wanted to be beautiful, not in the eyes of other people, but in the eyes of their love ones. Just like my girl, she doesn’t intend to beautify herself for other people to notice her but for me to be happy and glad and pleased and proud and everything. So basically, they do it for the love of their lives (Well, I am speaking in behalf of my girl and the ladies who already found their better halves). And of course, they were doing it for themselves too to be more confident and to be more pleasant. It also adds up happiness within them.

Now, I must say that there’s nothing wrong with having a hair rebond, facial cleaning or pimple treatment of sorts, Liposuction, and cosmetic surgeries. The only problem with such is, when you don’t have the budget, yet you still aim and work hard just for vanity. It is when you will prioritize your butt surgery rather than having a good and healthy meal at home.

Anyhow, back to my girl’s question, I might be answering her with a joke, but that’s exactly what I really meant. It doesn’t matter if her hair’s rebonded or not. If she has the budget, then make her hair rebonded, if not, then I would still love the lady behind those wavy and dry hair; for I love her as a person, and not just because she has the commercial-quality hair. Keep that in mind love of my life.

Tita Evelyn, Mommy, My Girl, Me, Irish, and Ate Cecille last Christmas 2009

Most of our friends told us that we already looked-alike. Thus, she really is the most beautiful girl in the world. :D
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  1. CarMine Says:

    wow nmn.. flattering! c:

    -nice one! hehe! GODbless po!