Register - Eat - Blog

Those were the things we accomplished last Tuesday.

Due to insistency of RunningAtom, me and my girl is forced (although we really love to as well) to run a 10K category this coming April for the Mizuno Infinity Race. So to date, we already had 3 lined up runs: (1) Condura Run, (2) Century Superbods Run, and (3) Mizuno Infinity Race. We were also looking at several runs, but I don’t take them as my lined up runs unless we were already registered.

After the registration of our very first 10K run, we wander around to mall to check on singlet or running shirts. We hop from Nike to Adidas to Planet Sports and found ourselves empty –handed. We failed to choose an appropriate singlet for us.

Eat - Blog
Before parting ways, we stop by the food court for my girl was already hungry. While eating, we had a small chit-chat about our blogs. RunningAtom, a blogger-runner like us is asking some points of advice on having the urge to write a post on his blog. Most of the time, he is lazy. I told him to simply post photos whenever he felt wordless. He did mention that he saw my pictures of Mayon Volcano with watermark on it. He asked how I put those watermark on all of the photos. Well, it is with the help of an application named ThumbsPlus. She used a torrent search engine to download software. I just hoped that we had helped him be inspired in continually writing on his blog.

After the meal, we set ourselves to go and bid each other goodbye.
2 Responses
  1. Carms Says:

    Go for it madz and paulo Good luck to your 10k run You can do it.

  2. Alkapon Says:

    Sounds good, good luck and i wish all the best for you..

    its nice to be back..