Find Duplicate Files Download Software for My Laptop?

When I first have my laptop November of 2008, I am at peace that I would no longer need an extra external hard drive (HD) for my files – mostly multimedia – for it was at 250GB.

Excited as I am, I navigate through my Dell Inspiron 1525 and accustomed myself to it. It was my first time to navigate a Windows Vista Operating System (OS) and it is my first laptop. As I work through it, I test some functionality so that I could return it in case there were factory defects. Luckily, there’s none.

I go on using my laptop and transfer most of my files from my desktop PC to it. I leave my desktop PC to my younger sister. But, as I copy a file after the other, I noticed that the used space of my HD is increasing twice as fast. If I copy a 1GB file, the used space will increase into a 2GB. I was kind of troubled at that behavior of my laptop. So, I read about Dell Inspiron 1525 and Windows Vista OS as well. I found out that it is a sort of recovery system of Windows Vista OS. I thought that was something serious that I need to search for find duplicate files download software to detect whether the files that I copied is saved in two separate destination folders.

So far, after a year and 2 months, my laptop is still functioning properly. Glad that I made a right decision in purchasing a Dell laptop.
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  1. binaryman Says:

    Hi Paulo, here is another tool to try: Directory Report