How to Best Enjoy Minute Maid Pulpy Orange?

I believe most of you will agree that doing things with 'the love of your life' will truly allow you to best enjoy every second of it. No matter how simple or complicated a task maybe, doing it hand-in-hand with your love one makes it extraaa special. So, 'How to Best Enjoy Minute Maid Pulpy Orange?' It is by savoring its natural pulp with my girl. In addition to that, it will add extra 'spice' since we would be relishing it after doing our well-loved activity together - running.

My girl influenced me in joining race events. And I never imagined that we would be 'into it' this far. Our feet will surely bring us farther until, I guess, we can complete a full marathon? This coming April, we would be having our first 10K run. In order to prepare ourselves, we had a regular jogging every Friday at UP Diliman. We just go on three rounds in the 2.2K route that will pass by the Oblation. After sweating it all out, it is time rehydrate ourselves, cool down, and enjoy every moment that we're together.

Here are some shots we have after a 6.6K easy jog.

together with a running buddy, RunningAtom

with the love of my life, refreshing after a 6.6K jog, and uhmmm, yeah, we do hold hands most of the time traversing the route

Do we looked like exhausted? Nah! We were already refreshed by Minute Maid Pulpy Orange.

How about you? How can you best enjoy your Minute Maid Pulpy Orange? Share your experience and you might be one of my rivals in winning an iPod Touch (32GB).
5 Responses
  1. RunningAtom Says:

    Wowww... awesome photos... I feel so drained a while ago, good thing you have a Minute maid for me. Thanks Madz! ;)

  2. rjs mama Says:

    binigyan mo ba si oble ng minute maid?

    hope you can visit and leave your mark on my blogs :)
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  3. Paulo Says:

    @rjs mama, he he, yeap, I did :P

  4. Carms Says:

    ok pau try ko mag taste ng Minute maid pulpy orange