New Year, New Name

It’s New Year! So I guess it is just right to have a new name (pen name) for my blog. I have been blog hopping a while ago and leave comments either on posts or on shout boxes using my new pen name: CaptainRunner.

Well actually, my girl gave that name to me since we were both running buffs. Can you believe that I already had a total of 8 runs? I only started last week of October 2009. Then running became a bonding activity between me and my girl. Anyhow, let’s have an anatomy of my pen name.

Captain is defined as a master: an officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship. And so there played in your mind a cruise where the captain is the master. Having a very comfortable room with the captains beds that has all the compartments where he can keep his valuables, air condition unit, and served with sumptuous feast. But that’s not what my pen name’s origins. It came from the moniker of Alvin Patrimonio of the Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants (PF) of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). I was even called captain during my 5th year of College as I am the team captain of our quizzer’s team.

But just recently, my girl thought of something new: AdidasRunner. And let the pictures tell you the why.

Adidas KOTR (Adidas Singlet)

Timex Run (Adidas Singlet)

Men's Health Urbanathlon (Adidas Singlet)

New Balance Raising Hope (Adidas Singlet)

Get it?
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  1. gab's mom Says:

    i wish i also have the time to run. before getting pregnant, i was told to lose weight and i did running exercise. i miss running.