One of My Realizations

With last year, haven’t you realized something? Well, I do and I hope you did too. Of course there were a lot of realizations. And one of the most stunning that I have realized is that, I could have saved/started earlier.

I am already 28 years YOUNG, LOL! By July, I will be turning 29. It is an age of no joke. A couple of years more, I can no longer see my age at the calendar, my gray hair would be more visible, and wrinkles might inhabit my face. With the 28 years that has passed, I had made a lot of decisions; some led me to failure and most to success. But in this point in time, even if I am a bit successful to the field that I have chosen, I still think that I could have made or decided something better: I could have started earlier.

I could have acquired a lot earlier. I could have bought a house package for that lot. Imagine, if I would only start now, and 2 years will be the minimum period that I could pay the house and lot before I could enjoy living in it, when can I start building my own family? And when will I be able to pay it in full?

I could have chosen to start purchasing insurance earlier. Or most probably, I could have purchased a Short Term Insurance too in order to enjoy the benefits early on. I should have not realized it lately and enjoy its benefits when I am too old to be as adventurous as I wanted to be.

Anyhow, time that past is a time that’s gone. So there’s no turning back now, only moving forward.
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