Perri Todd's - All American Grilled Burger, Iloilo City

Late this afternoon, we have ample time to get some food as our break time meal (merienda); together with my colleagues we headed to Iloilo city proper to taste one of the giant burgers in the country today, the Perri Todd’s burgers.

Here is the menu set of Perri Todd's Burger, all american favorite, burgers, pasta, salad chicken and lots of drinks, including the Iced Tea Tower.

Located at Cuartero St. Cor. Santa Isabel St., Jaro City, Iloilo, Perri Todd's Burger can be easily located.

Me with our order Premium burger with cheesy mushroom dressing (costs Php260) and grilled burger with bacon (costs Php140)

Close up look of Giant Premium burger with cheesy mushroom dressing.

For delivery and queries, please call 5082598 (Jaro City, Iloilo)

3 Responses
  1. Jag Says:

    Looks tasty! Now I'm

  2. MinnieRunner Says:

    Akala ko sau lang ung isang burger eh, hehehe..

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