Starbucks for breaktime

This morning I attended product presentation conducted by Emerson Network Power. The event was successful and very informative in engineering solutions specially to energy transmission business.

The event was focused on the NextGEN Infrastructure by Emerson Network Power. The 3-hour event discussed some topics like Introduction to Emerson Nerwork Power, NextGen Infrastructure Solutions, UtilitySure Electric Power, Solutions for Industrial Power, Data Center Infrastructure Management Solutions, and Facilities Monitoring System Solutions. It is a good thing that the presentation is interactive presentation which allows participants to raised questions and clarifications even in the middle of discussions.

To encourage participants to actively participate in the discussion and focus on the topics  being discussed, they offered some snacks (Starbucks mocha frap and beef sandwich) and I'm sharing it with you friends!

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  1. MEcoy Says:

    nice thats a great topic