Travel Incentives to Boost Your Employees' Productivity

I am a well traveled individual. My work allows me too. I enjoy my job for it brings me to places I've never been before. But even I had to travel to the same destination for a number of times in a year; it still excites me to see the progress of the province.

I know a lot would envy the type of job that I had.With this , I could say that a travel incentives are brilliant idea. Normally, employees need a little inspiration to be more productive. Travel incentives for an excellent performance in this case are five star element to inspire.

It is a win-win solution for both employees and companies. Companies get the output that they wanted from their employees. On the other hand, employees get the reward that they deserve.
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  2. MinnieRunner Says:

    I guess our company needs to institute such incentive :)

  3. Dhemz Says:

    that's the kind of job I've been longing to do...kaso ala na chance...ehehehe!

    a quick dalaw here captain Pau....btw, hope you can join my 2nd giveaway contest!

  4. pusang kalye Says:

    yea---what could be better than have a job which allows you to go places. I know several people who complain about it. they just don't know a lot of people are dying to have their place.....

  5. Paulo: Yes, it is a good idea to reward for being away from home. I'm so glad you enjoy your job.