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I’m thinking of changing my blog’s URL. I guess the “Philippine Place” title no longer fit the contents of my blog. Moreover, I don’t want to create a blog for the different niches that I’ve been touching in my posts. But my brains just cannot help me right now on what title will fit in. Maybe my brains had already been consumed by the zombies, LOL! I still got that Plants vs Zombies fever.

Having my own domain also crosses my mind. Whenever I attend blogger events, I felt somehow annoyed with the long URL that I am writing in the registration. Although it ain’t matter, I know. I know I need not to transfer the hosting of my blog just to have a new domain, but I am thinking of trying it out. Care to suggest the best web hosting that offers the cheapest price in the web?

My girl once bought a domain at Everything’s smooth and she had configured her blog that easy. But problem arose when her Yahoo account is hacked. And interestingly, the hacker only modified her account. Or shall I call it weird?

Would it be better to have my blog in Wordpress instead of Blogger?

You see, all these questions run in my head, and I can’t think of an answer. I guess I have to play Plants vs Zombies first, LOL!

4 Responses
  1. Moks™ Says:

    Naadik ako dyan..ang pinakamahirap dyan yung fog level saka roof

  2. Jag Says:

    Sa totoo lang d pa ako nakakapaglaro nyan hehehe...meron nmn sa pc ko maxado lang makulay sumasakit mata ko hehehe...

  3. Wow! I am also thinking of buying a domain after my first cash out. Pareho tayo ng experience writing down long URLs lol Mine is really long hahaha


  4. Blogger Says:

    Bluehost is the best web-hosting provider for any hosting plans you might need.