What's Up With My Abode?

So what’s the development about my house? My would-be humble abode is STILL drawn in a piece of paper. It is not yet the time to canvass for refrigerator, gas stove, dining table, living room furniture set, and even that rustic bedroom furniture. It is simply not yet the time to have my eyes stuck on those. But nevertheless, it is slowly having improvements.

My girl and I contacted someone to prepare the house plan for us. The package includes all the requirements for the PAG-IBIG housing loan. It also covers the application for Building Permit in the municipal hall. Although it is taking quite considerable amount of time in the preparation of our house plan, that’s absolutely alright with me. I, myself, am looking into details of the house plan – electrical outlets and materials for construction included. There are nights that I have to spend an hour or more looking into details. I believe I am doing the right thing for the construction of the house will be based on the plan; therefore, any lousy details included in it would make a domino effect.

Hopefully, the construction could start early next year given that I could process all the necessary documents and requirements this December. Help me God.
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  1. Mokong™ Says:

    Par, nakahnap na ba kayo ng gagawa ng plano ng bahay? sa Autocadd? complete set... pwede akong gumawa... Civil Engineer ako...hehe