FEBC's 63rd Anniversary

Since childhood, I have been celebrating the anniversary of Far East Broadcasting Corporation (FEBC) together with my family. Founded in 1945, it is a non-denominational, international Christian radio network that broadcasts the Good News in more than 130 languages from 128 transmitters located throughout the world.

This year, it injected a new activity in the celebration - running. It is dubbed as "I Run with a Living Hope", my family (my girl included) registered for the 3K category. Unfortunately, we were around 15 or 20 minutes late. So, we ended up just running less than a kilometer. With that, my girl and I headed on our way to CCP Complex to join the runners who were having their training.

After running for around 5km in almost an hour (walking for cool down included), we headed back to Bulwagan ng Panginoon (formerly known as Folk Arts Theater) for the anniversary.

A number of presentations transpired in the anniversary centering on who our Living Hope is. At the same time, FEBC introduced their aspirations for its future. We're not that close in the stage so I don't have a good quality photos to share. Sorry about that.

At the end of the program, we had our picnic just outside the bulwagan, beside the Manila Bay. Don't you worry, there's no stinking smell here.

After filling our stomach with good food, we proceed to Rizal Park (through walking) which deserves another post.
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  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful times :)

  2. Dhemz Says:

    sweet! go go go...:)