Baguio Travel June 2011

This is my 2nd day here in "Summer Capital of the Philippines", Baguio City – one of my top on the list when it comes to travel destination. It's a very nice and good day here, sun continue to shine while enjoying its cool mountain weather. This time, I’ve got a chance to enter the Benguet State University Campus as we buy some ube products produced by BSU students.

Bridge in BSU's mini park

Some student finds time to relax and have fun.

Wright Park, which is located across the main gate of the Mansion, is one of the scenic parks in Baguio City. It features body of water known as the "Pool of Pines" and the park circle which is on one end of the park. Postcard-type photographs are usually taken at both ends of Wright Park and when going there it is best to bring along a camera. Tall pine trees on both sides of the access road beside the pool decorate the park.

Mines View Park, no doubt, is one of the busiest and most visited parks in the city. In here, one can take a panoramic view of surrounding mountains and wide variety of views, from copper mines to mountains of pine tree to some residential areas between mountains. The first time I saw this park last October 1998, due to its beauty, I immediately think, if only my father would have a chance to see this magnificent view that Mines View has, well, he’ll surely utter how majestic is our Lord to create such wonderful place.

At the entrance to the park are stalls selling native handicraft. Wood carvings were one of the souvenirs known to visitors in visiting Baguio.

Dinner time, it’s time for me to try “Sizzling Pigar”. It’s a stripped beef meat topped with onions and served sizzling hot. Btw friends, It tastes great and deserves a second try.

"Sizzling Pigar"

Here are some of my night photography of the heart of the city, the intersection of Harrison Road and Magsaysay Avenue where Hotel Veniz is located. I’ve got my opportunity to take these pictures and I’m sharing it with you.

3 Responses
  1. Dhemz Says:

    oh my...what a lovely place...nothing beats the beauty of baguio....classic!

  2. Running Atom Says:

    Magnificent shots Pau.. paturo naman minsan :)
    I haven't been inside BSU yet, but it's such a big compound.
    There are more places you should visit in Baguio like BenCab's Museum, Tam-Awan Village, Asin Hot Springs, and you should also try the OMG (Oh! My Gulay) restaurant in Session Road. :)