Are We Prepared?

The wrath brought by Typhoon Ondoy last 2009 is still fresh in my memory. Although I am already used to a number of flood that come in our town, Typhoon Ondoy is way different. It is the worst I had ever witnessed so far.

Fearful, yet full of confidence to our Lord, best described my feelings with Typhoon Falcon. My family is that responsive enough to take care of our belongings and be prepared once the water level becomes high. With our Lord's grace, the water just rises up to around 4 inches inside our house. The following day, the water already subsided despite continuous rain shower.

It makes me wonder, "Are We Prepared?" Whenever I hear or read news regarding earthquake, typhoon (recently in Davao), among others, I got no resort but to call on God. But of course, we all should do our part, we all should be prepared.

I have heard about this Rescue72 and is interested with it. Basically, it is a disaster preparedness kit that will help you survive for 72 hours until a rescue comes over. But of course a lot of factors need to be considered. What matters is, you had been prepared.

There's a lot of things I still need to know about this kit, so I registered my self at to have myself posted. You may do the same and be knowledgeable about this disaster preparedness kit.
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