The North Face 100 : Shall I Take the Challenge?

Ahhh… I just finished a 5K race early this morning at the Globe-Ayala Run for Home 2010. I enjoyed the race route, most especially at the time wherein we have to climb the flyover. We actually stop at the top to take photos. It was something. Remarkable. It was my first time to traverse such route. It is challenging yet enjoyable.

With that in mind, I had realized that for me, running faster would not really make me fulfilled. For I know race events were plagued by competitive runners who averages 3min/km. I am way too far, averaging 6-7min/km. So, NO, I won’t be running to beat them. I’ll be running for fun, for challenge, and for fulfillment. And I believe challenging race not only constraint into running on the road – but in trail running too. It is running and enjoying the beauty of nature in one, atop of the rocks, trails, and sometimes crossing the rivers as well.

Hmmm, shall I take the challenge of The North Face in conquering the unexplored trails of Camp John Hay, the PMA grounds, Mt. Sto. Tomas and Tuba with a fitting finish in the iconic Burnham Park dubbed as The North Face 100? I am already imagining the steep climbs and the long exciting trail of 11K, 22K, 50K, or 100K distances. Yeah, that is a 100K trail run distance, it’s an Ultra Marathon; an Asia’s 1st Trail Running Ultra Marathon series to Baguio-Benguet.

This one’s a test of endurance, really. Define your personal limits 6,000++ ft above sea level! Join The North Face 100 in Baguio-Benguet. Visit: Have a sneak peek of the trails in their TVC. Yet with that in mind, participants would be given the rare chance to explore Baguio and Benguet’s beauty. And with the cut off times, sure enough, runners will have the ample time of picture taking along the trails. Looks like hitting two birds with just a stone for me – running and practicing photography.

TNF100. Am I ready to take this challenge? I had a number of 5Ks already and a 10K. But trail running is way different. I’m nervous. I’ll think this over. But I definitely would love to take the challenge.
9 Responses
  1. MinnieRunner Says:

    Tara, let's take the challenge!

  2. RunningAtom Says:

    go go go Pau... kaya na yan... it's good that the trail run is in Baguio, it'll not be hot! You'll enjoy a lot... just don't forget your energy bars/snacks/hydration along that 100k trail run. You'll get to meet horses and crows too in the middle of the trail ;)

  3. eden Says:

    I am pretty sure you can do it:) good luck!

  4. Dhemz Says:

    looks like you are in good shape...hala go kau! good luck!

  5. RunningAtom Says:

    Pau, looks like Madz is really going to join this event. Join ka na rin :)

  6. Carms Says:

    yes pau and madz you can do it

  7. Nicely Says:

    CaptainRunner, nakasali ka ba? Kanino ito db?

  8. Nicely, unfortunately, hindi ako nakasali.