Somewhere at Key West

It is extremely HOT from where I am now. How about you? Anyhow, its summer; and everyone’s after the beach. As for me, beach is something out of my vocabulary for I still have to endure my work here at Cebu. Yes, I am currently here at the Queen City of the South. I already had a couple of travels that failed to share with you – Bicol and this one. I would be having a post about that once I already finished sorting out and figuring which photos to share. Would that be alright? To cope up with travel ideas, let me share with you a place which I wanted to set foot on someday – somewhere at Key West, Florida.

I am particularly encouraged by the video posted at Chelsea House Key West site. Merely watching the video already lets me savor their amenities. So wherever I would be soul-searching any place nearby, I would still be able to rest my weary body back at Key West Hotels. I could pamper myself and sleep soundly in their five star rated rooms. And in the morning, I would eat my heart out included in their Key West Bed and Breakfast package. I would love to have such travel, to have an accommodation which is already a tourist destination in itself. See their video to see for yourself.
4 Responses
  1. Jules Says:

    Actually, i am planning to bring my family at a beach on this summer. Anyway, thanks for sharing this info. =D

    The Brown Mestizo

  2. MinnieRunner Says:

    Kasama ba ako diyan sa travel na 'yan?

  3. eden Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I will check this out.

  4. @MinnieRunner, OO naman :)