Century Superbods Run 2010: RunRio Trilogy Leg 1

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I already read a number of reviews and comments of the recently held Leg 1 of the RunRio Trilogy dubbed as Century Superbods Run 2010. And I am taking the pleasure to have mine.

Foremost, with the TVC showing Derek Ramsay, I believed that it attracted a number of participants - may it be seasoned or first time runners. Speaking for myself, I do not register for the sake of seeing Ramsay or any other celebrity. I registered because I wanted to run - and that is the least that I can do to join events for a cause. However, with the turn out of more than 11,000 runners, the organizers fell short of marshals that they were not able to handle them as perfectly as The 2009 Timex Run. On second thoughts, I still believe Coach Rio had handled that gigantic number on a much better way. It is a real challenge to handle that number, and still, Coach Rio together with his team at FinishLine managed to please 95% of the crowd.

Secondly, I am a bit disappointed with the 10 minutes early gun start. We were late and we need to squeeze in the number of 3K runners that had piled up on the starting line. It was part of our fault, I admit. We should have been there earlier. But our punctuality had been worsen with that early gunstart. Good thing we have the Champion Chip so I really don't mind. I would still have my accurate time. At the same time, Coach Rio already explained himself, apologize, and take full responsibility of all the shortcomings of the race in his open letter. And I salute him for that. Apology accepted.

Thirdly, traffic is jam packed! We, ourselves, experienced the traffic as we arrive at The Fort being adjacent to the 10K runners. But I believe this one is out of their control. There were traffic enforcers and marshals that signals the motorists and/or runners to stop; but they were just too stubborn to obey. Only, there was one or two vehicles that had joined our route, which is a little bit troublesome.

Fourth, I can't think of antyhing that made my race experience annoying. If I have to rate it, I would still give him 4 stars out of 5. Having The 2009 Timex Run as the barometer, Century Superbods Run 2010 is something close to perfection. I love the organized booths as well.

We may all have different experiences about the race. Some were complaining; while most enjoyed and had congratulated Coach Rio with all his tireless efforts for the event to be a success. I believe I am among the 95% lucky participants who enjoyed the event beyond the glitches.

With here, I profess, I will continue joining races and events organized by Coach Rio - the cream of the crop not only in running but in organizing events as well. Not to mention that he keeps his feet on the ground inspite the high pedestal he's in now. And so, I'll take this opportunity:

Congratulations Coach RIO! Century Superbods is a race well organized! Wishing you success on your April Marathon! Make your country proud!
10 Responses
  1. RunningAtom Says:

    CaptainRunner, sipsip hahaha! just kidding....

    yeap, Coach Rio's humility have been a big step in calming down many runners who got affected by those glitches.

    Luckily, our group had a very good experience on this event. :)

  2. Dhemz Says:

    good to know! congrats to your coach....:)

  3. MinnieRunner Says:

    Hindi talaga matatawaran ang pagiging mapagpakumbaba ni Coach Rio! Kaya mahal ko na siya, pero mas mahal kita :D

    If the race is organized by Coach RIO, it is absolutely GOOD!

  4. tim Says:

    whoah, no doubt you got something huge in heart.. i owe you for that.. you make my heart melts with gladness meeting you here!

  5. eden Says:

    Congratz to him too and good luck for the April Marathon!

  6. Solo Says:

    Wow! That;s great1 And good luck on April Marathon! ;

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  7. pEDo Says:

    Hmmnn... pano ako makakatakbo? ayaw pumikit ng mga mata ko! :(

  8. MinnieRunner Says:

    Edi 'wag ka na tumakbo pEDo :P

  9. @RunningAtom, and I haven't heard any race organizer who humbles himself with the glitches that had been experienced by the participants.

    @Dhemz, thanks!

    @MinnieRunner, ♥

    @tim, I'm puzzled with your comment.

    @eden, let us all wish him good luck and God Bless.

    @Solo, he was great!

    @pEDo, oo nga, 'wag ka na tumakbo. A runner should get as much as 7 hours of sleep daily.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with you that the century superbods run is really close to perfection. And everyone had so much fun!