My Blog and Its Humble Earnings

I have been blogging for quite some time now, more than a year but less than two. And I am happy that I had earned, well, a humble $100. I know it was nothing compared to thousand dollar earners, but still, satisfaction gets my way.

Over and over again, I am encouraging you [my readers] to create your own online journal; and soon transform it into money making medium. If you’re as lax [and not so serious] as me about it [earning online], you can stay at your comfort zone and still be able to earn as much as $10 a month. It is not bad, already enough if you would want to purchase a domain from Google or other web hosting sites. Yes, domain name alone will cost you $10 annually. Probably I am too thrift that I stayed [contented] with my [free] Blogspot domain name.

If you have the money and would love to earn way better, I suggest you get dedicated web hosting instead. I just heard from a blogger friend that paid to post sites sometimes offers much better opportunities to those who have one. Well, as far as I’m concerned, I am satisfied with my humble earnings, enough to treat myself once in a while.
4 Responses

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  2. MinnieRunner Says:

    Thanks for allowing me to encourage you to blog :D

  3. Blogger Says:

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