Too Much of a Daydream

Slowly, I am inch by inch closer to my dream of having my dream house. Last January, my girl and I attended the PAGIBIG counseling about housing loans. I will be filing my housing loan come March. For now, I am eagerly looking over the internet for available floor flans, have it printed, and study the layouts; although, we already asked my girl’s cousin to have made a plan for us [for he’s an architect]. We were expecting it by March. We will need it in our PAGIBIG housing loan.

If what I have been thinking will be put into reality, we would be having our dream house by third or fourth quarter of the year. With that, I believe we can now plan for other matters. Well, I am also planning to have our own vehicle. I long to have one for I would really want to travel once more to the places I’ve been with the one I love. Setting foot to a non-stranger island is still exciting for me, or as long as it is my girl whom I’ll be traveling with.

My girl’s choice was an X-Trail. For me, well if I had to dream, I’ll want a Jaguar or a Ford. Whew! How much do ford accessories costs nowadays? I guess this is too much of a daydream for me. Have to park now before I lose my sanity, LOL!
7 Responses

  1. tim Says:

    wow, naku naman mag kabahay na kayo nyan!

  2. eden Says:

    Good luck..

    thanks sa visit

  3. Carms Says:

    Good luck pau and madz. Dreams do really come true just hold on to it.

  4. Dhemz Says:

    ayay...I am excited for you guys....good luck!

  5. MinnieRunner Says:

    I already told Kuya Nep to have the floor plan with 2nd floor :D

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