Paulo's Travel Tips

I don’t have an itchy foot. No. I don’t travel for leisure. Travel is an unavoidable part of my work. And with the number of travels I had locally [and a few internationally], I had become aware of the dos and don’ts in traveling. On the other hand, I am no guru when it comes to travel; hence, what I can speak about is merely based on experience [and not in depth studies].

Foremost, I must say that you have to travel light. Yes, exclude those unnecessary baggages you put on your luggage. You won’t need them anyway right? And just in case you do, I’m sure you got that extra penny to buy one; unless you would want to torture yourself carrying those loads. You are bringing toiletries? No, free those spaces for other important things. I’m sure the hotel that you’ll be visiting will gladly provide you with those. Try visiting Hotel Teneriffa or Hotel Hamburg City, you’ll surely have one. And don’t hesitate to ask for another set come the following day. I believe they have allotted for customers.

Secondly, make yourself aware of the attractions of the city you’ll be touring. It would be nice to have a tour guide; but if budget inhibits you from having one, Mr. Google has all the answers to your queries. Thus, if you are going to visit Finca Mallorca mieten; it would be nice if you got to know more about the place before plunging into a foreign land.

More travel tips to follow. Keep on visiting.