Shutter Priority

The first time I got to know about Shutter Priority in my Nikon D60 SLR is during our trip at Zoobic Safari. The concept was introduced to me by my girl and the procedure was relayed to me by her cousin, Nep. Here's a sample of the output then.

I badly need a tripod right?

Last Sunday, while waiting for my girl's peer to arrive, we once more tried the Shutter Priority of my Nikon DSLR. She would want to have a heart written; but I just can't capture it without moving my arms on the longest time possible.

This is the best among my shots

With a great amusement, I am glad that my girl captured this excellent shot. It's as if I am holding that letter during the shot, when all the while I did write it using her flash light.

I should be the model now, my girl should be the photographer. She doesn't even need to have a tripod.
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  1. nice shot..magkano iyan..maganda na umiilaw..