Centris Walk, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue

My officemates and I frequently have our lunch at Centris. It is walking distance from our office. However, I still haven't stop by the newly opened Centris Walk until last Sunday where my girl and I drop by 7-11 and Tutti Frutti.

It is such a great place where you can enjoy. You wouldn't even believe that it is just right beside EDSA. It makes me feel like I'm on a different place.

In Centris Walk, you can enjoy ASYA (Filipino Asian Restaurant), Italianni's Restaurant, Jack's Loft (it's considerably small), MYTHAI Kitchen, Pancake House, Pho Hoa, Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt (recommended), and Zong (Dining Redefined). Soon to open are ClawDaddy and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Centris Weekend Market also happens every Saturday (6AM to 2PM) organized by Sidcor.

Drop by the place sometime, it's worth it.
15 Responses
  1. Jag Says:

    Wow! New place. Gotta visit there soon! Thanks!

  2. Paulo: You are really lucky to get those choices so close.

  3. Pietro Says:

    It's really a pleasant place, with many restaurants and shops!

  4. Dhemz Says:

    wow! that place looks gorgeous....:)

  5. Very interesting place...

  6. MinnieRunner Says:

    Kain tayo minsan sa Italianis :)

  7. fiel-kun Says:

    Wuy, malapit lang pala yan sa ABS-CBN. Will try to visit it one of this day sir.

  8. Vernz Says:

    Hi.. love those umbrellas ... hehehe... thanks for dropping by On This Side of Town

  9. kcatwoman Says:

    that looks like a nice place to stroll in the city. buti naman ngayon these days, meron nang mga open field na pwedeng gumala ang mga city pinoys. :)


  10. If I live there, I'll visit the place :)

  11. certified traveller........pumunta ka pala sa leyte..lugar ko din,hehe..

  12. Periodista Says:

    The weekend market is every Sunday, not Saturday. :)

  13. yeah this place is a great concept and truly be a portion of next commercial district in metro manila. A lot of Business Processing Outsource companies are here. this is really promising considering its only 5-10mins ride from our pension house. www.dangaysuites.com