Reason for My Hiatus

I have been out from blogging lately, pardon me. I’ve been busy with work and church activities. In fact, I haven’t accompanied my girl from her running events too. Nonetheless, I still exercise at least twice a week using my stationary bike.

Hmmm, what is consuming my time lately at work? Aside from the endless reports that I need to submit, our company is currently holding a sports fest type of activity where I would be playing basketball and table tennis. We had a couple of basketball practices and once table tennis. It is amazing to know that most of my colleagues here do excel in sports activities. As for me, I just enjoy it. Anyhow, the main goal of which is to promote healthy lifestyle. Another remarkable thing was when I attended one of the committee meetings. I was astonished to know that some of the participants/committee of our sports fest will be handled by national athletes. They were introduced to us either by word or by their entertainment business cards. I thought, playing with them would already mean achievement for me. That’s exciting.

As for our church activities, I attended our church service at Malabon yesterday. After which, I attended fellowship at Edified. It was pretty busy day, but I felt no loss of energy – anything for the Lord.

At the end of the day, my family and I pass by SM Marilao to take advantage of the 3-day sale. I purchased a jacket from Arrow. It was my gift for myself. We all should treat ourselves once in a while. So there, you know now why I haven’t been blogging for long now. I’m just keeping in touch. Will blog again when able. Thanks for the visit my friends.
8 Responses
  1. Mokong™ Says:

    Hindi ako active sa simbahan namin, pero muling nagbabalik loob ako, yesterday nagsimba namn ako sa Divine Mercy...sarap ng pakiramdam, ang gaan sa loob.

  2. You've been really busy lately!
    Yes, you deserve a gift for yourself :)

  3. Dhemz Says:

    no wonder why you're gone for so long...:)

    thanks for dropping by!

  4. Koryn Says:

    how do you manage such a full sched? all the running, work, church activities, yet you still get to blog! your hiatus isn't even a hiatus compared to my one month non-appearance on the blogosphere :p

  5. Time management, I guess? And just don't forget to ask God's grace :)

  6. Koryn Says:

    ah time management. something i've yet to learn :p

  7. Well, I'm still on the learning process Koryn :)