Starting a Business?

Have you imagined yourself five, or maybe ten, years from now still working as an employee of the company where you’re at? Sometimes I do; but most of the time, I don’t. I am always looking forward at setting up my own business and be the boss of my own company. Who wouldn’t?

But then again, I know it’s not easy. We may look up to those who were already successful and hoped that we could achieve what they had at an instant. Not knowing what they have toiled before they stand on that pedestal. I should know, because I once tried to start a small food cart business back in the hometown of my girl. At first, it was gratifying that we’re earning a few. Months pass, and our earnings become lesser compared to our expenses. Thus, we’ve got no resort but to stop our business. A lot of money, time, and effort have been wasted there. It was depressing. But in every thing, there is a brighter side. We may have lost money, time, and effort; but I know we’ve gain experience which is indispensable compared to the latter.

Just a piece of advice, like what I had already told a number of times before, providing yourself sufficient knowledge with whatever you wanted to do. Read Business Articles, tons of them, if you have to. Knowledge and God are the best weapons in every fight you’ll have to deal with.

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6 Responses
  1. Mokong™ Says:

    Ako pare parang napapagod na maging isang empleyado, sana parang Korea lang ang Pinas, mas gusto ng mga tao ang business kesa maging isang empleyado...

  2. It's a hard job; but we should try it...

  3. MinnieRunner Says:

    The experience that we got from the mini food cart business is really something :)

  4. Dhemz Says:

    a quick visit here Paulo...thanks for dropping by!

  5. bye muna sa iyo friend.......hope to see you soon..........still you are in my mind, sometimes.. :cry:

  6. Carms Says:

    i wish to have my own business someday pau para if I'll retire soon meron pa rin akong income aside from my pension hehehe