Spare, Spare, Spare

It is the sportsfest in our company this week, I joined the basketball and table tennis tourney. However, yesterday I was invited to play bowling at SM Annex Bowling Center. I am not really that good in bowling, I just love to play.

We played three sets, I guess I am the lowest in the first two sets. Then my girl came to watch me. Inspired? Well, most probably because I had five straight spares. Although I could have really wanted to have a strike, but I just can't.

Thanks to my girl who took a picture of me while playing.

8 Responses
  1. Mokong™ Says:

    nakakamiss maglaro ng bowling, tagal na rin ako di nakakapgbowling.

  2. Is your ball falling down both of them?

  3. Pietro Says:

    Nice post! I find both table tennis and bowling very amusing :-)

  4. MinnieRunner Says:

    Panoorin ulit kita next week :D

  5. Teknisyan Says:

    waaa... na mimiss ko nang mag bowling!!! :)

    tagal ko nang di naka visit dito..

  6. Unfortunately lina, the pins did not fall :(

  7. Dhemz Says:

    I miss bowling..been a long wii nalang kasi kami nagbobowling....:)

    thanks for dropping by...glad to be here!

  8. Waaah! Ang tagal ko na hindi nag bowling, sumsakit ksi kamay ko sa bigat ng bola lol