Do It Yourself: Computer Table

After five (5) months of working from home, especially during night time, my wife suffered from backache using our dining table-turned-computer table.

So, after saving enough money to buy one, we finally purchased a computer table at Home Plus, Walter Mart-Plaridel at Php 1,398.00. We preferred to assemble it ourselves.

Upon arriving at home, we excitedly open the box and start to assemble it right away with our niece.

After 2 hours of reading the plans and trying to figure out on how to assemble it, we finally finish our Do-It-Yourself computer table.

Hopefully my wife will no longer be bothered with backache.
2 Responses
  1. MEcoy Says:

    whatta cute little girl haha
    hope your back will be just fine from now on

  2. You can choose from a variety of colors and wood type when you purchase computer desk furniture. Some of the wood used are natural but most are made out of a type of pressed wood.