Is Your e-Commerce Site Legit?

With the boon of different e-commerce sites nowadays, people sometimes thrive into with without first investigating its legitimacy.

I have heard and read a number of complaints regarding group buying sites from unsatisfied customers. Some experiences purchasing discounted vouchers, only to find out that their vouchers costs much higher that the corresponding service. While others failed to avail of the service since their vouchers were not honored by the establishments. Others got undelivered goods that are purchased online.

With that, it is really hard to tell if we can trust the site, unless it already has an established reputation and web-presence.

As for me, I am doing my part to not become a victim. Well, I am not skeptical to these kinds of sites. In fact, I thrive in them. I use them to feed me information to the things that interests me. And if I really find something that I’d love to buy, say in, I would do a vast research about the site’s legitimacy. I will search if there are complaints and ensure that it is a valid complaint or just a mere destructive review without rightful basis. On top of that, of course I will also search for positive reviews. Needless to say, I have to know both sides of the story and weigh from there if it is legit or not.

How about you? What is your practice to know that these sites are legit?
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  1. MEcoy Says:

    well i never bought anything online but we'll never know thanks for sharing now ill know what to do