A Five Star for Globe's Fast Service

I can still remember the rants my girl had made against Globe Telecommunications (GT) a year ago. Her cellphone just go a No Access to Network without doing anything. By instinct, she reported the incident to GT's Customer Service and had to answer the SOPs over and over again which did not make any improvements on her concern [it just adds up on her dismay]. She even drop by on GT centers and still of no help. She was even blamed for what happened to her SIM. Oh my, something that really makes her mad.

Good thing, all these inconvenience were relieved by GT when she reported the case (after a year) to GT's Twitter account. Contrary to her experience (a year ago), GT's Twitter response is fast and that they were really after customer satisfaction.

This Thursday, it happened to my Globe SIM. I chose not to report it to a GT Customer Service for I know I will just be hearing same old questions, giving me false hopes that they already had reported the matter to their technicians, and make me wait for a week or so without any progress at all.

I just send a message to GT's Twitter account with the hope of a fast response like they did to my girl. Unfortunately, I got nil. We also seek the help of GT's NGMA Area Head. But we got a little bit late response for he has personal matters to attend to. For our lat resort, we asked my girl's former officemate (now a GT employee) about the SIM upgrade he had mentioned a year ago which is only available at their Cubao branch and is for a certain fee. Surprisingly, he told us that it is now available anywhere and for FREE!

So we tried our luck at Waltermart, Plaridel yesterday. And yes, we were open-mouthed when the very approachable GT personnel attend to our concern without questions leading to "hot heads". She smilingly greeted us, make us wait for only a couple of seconds, and presto, I got my SIM card upgraded. With access to network and with my balance in tact. That was a breeze!

I still can't get over it. I would no longer worry buying a new SIM and having to text everyone from my phonebook my new number. It was really a five star for Globe's fast service!
4 Responses
  1. MinnieRunner Says:

    At least they were really improving now :)

  2. Carms Says:

    I hope they will get better

  3. April Says:

    That's nice. I am also using Globe sim. ;D
    I love their services. ;D

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