Clash of the Titans

Last April 9, after accompanying my girl in her check-up, we decided to make use of our movie birthday passes at SM City The Block. I am really not aware of what is the 'hottest' movie at the moment, so I let my girl decide. But like me, she is also caught off guard. Thus, we just decided to choose what seemed to be a blockbuster at that time, and it was 'The Clash of the Titans'.

The film is pretty well understood [even without subtitles]. Also, you need not review your mythology classes to fully understand the movie. But I'll bet you'll dig in to those myths after seeing it. We do.

Shall I recommend the movie? Hmmm, not really. The movie is not something that is worth the watch [at least not for me]. The movie is good [but not great]. I am giving it 3 out 5 stars.
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  1. This is really a must see movie, Capt. Runner! I remember my high school literature subject greek methodology, reading it was a real bummer. Good thing they have this big screen now!

  2. Sendo Says:

    did you watch it on 3d? siguro mas maganda kasi pangit naman ung plot hehe... mali-mali pa ung greek mythology hehe

  3. MinnieRunner Says:

    May kapatid si Hercules, he he he :)

  4. Carms Says:

    I still don't have the chance to watch it sayang

  5. Solo Says:

    I'll make way to watch it. Pilitin nyo muna ako haha. ;D

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  6. Sendo Says:

    dito na kita igreet ng..

    happy world bloggers' day!!! ^^

  7. @Sendo, siguro nga mas maganda sa 3D. :)

  8. Carms Says:

    it is still showing there in cdo still don't have the time to watch it

  9. Dhemz Says:

    oh, I've been wanting to see this movie...will just wait for DVD....thanks for sharing the info....I might need to dig those ancient!

  10. Carms Says:

    I just got to buy the DVD version for me to watch this. hehehe