Flash Drives at CDR King

It is so evident how CDR King had emerged from a simple CDs and DVDs whole seller and retailer to a store of almost everything you need to accessorize your computers and gadgets. It is, at the same time, tempting to buy from the store for their very low prices as compared to the 'branded' ones. But I should have not settled for that low priced flash drive; it only brought forth a waste of money and time for me at the end of the day.

A year ago, I had bought an 8GB USB flash drive from CDR King Pulilan. But after a few months of use, the flash drive would always display an error message while copying a number of files. It is frustrating.

And I just can't understand myself how I fall again at buying another 8GB USB flash drive from the same store at P980 last March 14, 2010. An SOP, I asked the crew to have it tested. A simple copy and paste and showing of the flash drive's capacity - that's it. The flash drive is in 'good' condition.

What I bought was an 8GB flash drive [not the 2GB as shown in the picture]

Unfortunately, after a few days, I am encountering the same error as the former. Not only that, even if I had successfully copied a number of files to the flash drive, I will just end up with corrupted and inaccessible files.

Okay, I may not be a computer engineer or anything inclined at computers; but I am an electrical engineer and believed to have a technical know-how at computers. The problem is on the flash drive, not on my files. I had isolated the problem and that 'corruption' only happens to that flash drive I bought from CDR King.

With that, I returned the unit to CDR King for them to have it checked. Of course, the crew would be hesitant to have it returned to them for they would think that you just don't understand anything about their product. They accepted the service request but do not fully understand what the problem really is.

After three weeks of waiting, they informed me that my flash drive is ready for pick up. Only to find out that there has been no action taken on my flash drive. I decided to return once more the flash drive for a second look. They promised me to have the flash drive replaced with a new one.

A week had passed, so I visited the store to claim my new flash drive. Before giving the unit to me the crew told me, "Sir, pinalitan na po ito ng bago. Kapag po ganun pa rin ibig sabihin po 'yung files niyo na po ang may problema." My girl and I looked at each other and had a sarcastic smile. We're not ignorant not to know that the problem really is the flash drive and not our files.

So, I had a thorough testing of the 'new' unit. I copy a number of files from my iPod to the new unit. Great! No corrupted files at the onset. But when we disconnect the flash drive and have it connected again, my hundred files become sixty plus only. Where did they go? I tried once more copying files from my other flash drive to the 'new' unit. And there, the 'corruption' took place.

What do the crew told me? Nothing. They did not even told me that they will take a look at the 'new' unit and have it replaced once more. It was really frustrating that their words would make us look like ignorant of computers; but upon showing them that we know what we were saying would only give us a blank look and not even offer a hand to help us with their product. What kind of service was that?

I should have not fall into buying flash drive from CDR King. I should have bought an external hard drive instead. There, I had wasted P980 for a flash drive that I cannot use.

Like what the song 'The Show' had been saying, 'I want my money back!'
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  1. nadine Says:

    Scary :( I just bought an 8 gig usb from too. Although I don't really use it frequently so I couldn't check. It was two months ago. I hope nothing goes wrong :(

  2. MinnieRunner Says:

    Dapat talaga external hard drive nalang binili natin.

  3. Carms Says:

    I bought my first USB there sad to say its lifespan was just like a few months maybe it is how the way my brother use it or there is really something I don't know.

  4. Solo Says:

    Oh no! What is that?1 Anyway, i am just buying their CD's. =D You should not trust low price products. Most of them are fake!

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  5. Gerry Says:

    I agree! These Cd-r king products are made of REALLY cheap materials.
    Found this site, I'm never gonna buy from cd-r king, check this out http://cdrking.org

  6. klaree Says:

    haha..! balak ko pa nman bumili dun ng external hard drive..buti na lang naisip ko magcheck sa net before i buy.. thanks guys.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    hahahaha ako din balak kong bumili ng 1 terrabyle na external hard drive sa CDR King na branded. Sabi nung kakilala ko fake daw yon hindi sya totoong branded... scary.... bili na lang ako sa mapagkakatiwalaan para naman di sayang pera ko!!!!