So, Your Car Stopped

So, your car stopped. And you don’t know what to do. You called for a towing service to bring you and your car home. Back home, you are disturbed in your sleep for you were thinking about the amount of money you are going to spend to have your car fixed. And worse, you have to commute on your way to the office the following morning.

Good thing if you had your own mechanic who is just a phone call away to have everything or anything fixed. May it be just the timing belt or the water pump that needs to be replaced; you had your confidence that your man can do it, and won’t overcharge you for the service and the new part installed. It is analogous to having a personal doctor for your car right?

However, if you had just bought your car, say a Ford Escort; and is not acquainted to anyone who could fix your car that is of high quality service, it is best to ask your neighborhood for reliable mechanics or repair shops. Or better yet, try searching for nearby repair shops in the internet. You’ll be surprised to have yourself a list of these repair shops together with customer commentaries similar to this Phoenix auto repair database.

So, your car stopped. You now know what to do.
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    So, kelan tayo bibili kotse? :P