Ace Hardware Eco-Friendly Run 2010

My Running Diary (scroll to see the full list):
  1. Adidas King of the Road 2009 - October 25, 2009 : 0:48:59
  2. A Run for the Pasig River - November 8, 2009
  3. Time is Running, The 2009 Timex Run - November 15, 2009 : 0:43:49/0:41:23
  4. Men's Health Urbanathlon and Festival 2009 - November 22, 2009 : 0:53:50
  5. New Balance Power Run, Raising Hope 2009 - November 29, 2009 (Bandit) : 0:38:19
  6. 1st Catholic Ministry to Deaf People Yes Run 2009 - December 6, 2009 : 0:42:25 (unofficial)
  7. Pioneer Mighty Bond Mighty Run 2009 - December 13, 2009 : 0:38:13 (unofficial)
  8. Christmas Celebrity Run 2009 - December 20, 2009 (chaos)
  9. PSE Bull Run 2010 : Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya - January 17, 2010 : 0:36:23
  10. Condura Run 2010 - Run for the Dolphins - February 7, 2010 : 0:33:18 (unofficial) 0:37:00 (official)
  11. Century Superbods Run 2010: RunRio Trilogy Leg 1 - February 21, 2010 : 0:49:10 / 0:39:35
  12. UNILAB Run United for Wellness - March 7, 2010 : 1:22:32
  13. Globe Run for Home 2010 - March 21, 2010 : 0:38:22 / 0:37:37
  14. Mizuno Infinity Race 2010 - April 11, 2010 : 1:19:49
  15. National Geographic Earth Day Run 2010 - April 18, 2010 : 1:30:18
  16. The Neutrogena Run 2010: Chase the Sun - May 16, 2010 : 1:22:47 / 1:22:41
  17. Nature Valley Run 2010: RunRio Trilogy Leg 2 - May 30, 2010: 1:30:15 / 1:23:37
  18. Walk the World 2010 - June 6, 2010 : 00:38:53
  19. Ace Hardware Eco-Friendly Run 2010 - June 27, 2010 : DNF

At the end of our run, my girl and I were contemplating on why did we register for this event, ha ha. We sorted the reasons out and concluded that it was all because of the freebies, LOL!

Thumbs Up
  • This is a run for a cause (for the environment specifically).
  • Registration includes singlet, bib number, and free mug.
  • If you have an SM Advantage Card, you'll get free cap too.
  • A lot of freebies after the race, free massage, and great raffle prizes too.

Thumbs Down

  • The gun start had been triggered earlier. The 10K is supposedly starting at 5:50AM. But the 10K pack started earlier; thus, we're late.
  • A lot of runners partake in the event, and the organizers may have overlooked at it. They mishandled that huge runners.
  • Overcrowded runners on the FINISH line, making it difficult to 10K runners on their second loop.
  • While having our picture taking at the FINISH line, we spotted a 10K runner who seem to have just finish the race. Unfortunately, no more marshal is present. Too bad.
  • The line in claiming of the tote bags is pretty long; but I don't need to wait that long for my girl knows how to have it immediately, he he.
  • Same thing with the baggage counter, unsystematic.

I cannot really comment on the hydration for we did not stop for one. We brought our own. Plus, we won't be waiting for the race result anymore, we DNF. But knowing that this race was organized by the same people behind The Mighty Run, race result might be nowhere to be found too.

with JC Tiuseco

with my girl at the FINISH line

the freebies

The race organizers sure still has a lot to improve. Nonetheless, it was a FUN RUN. We finished our 5K at 0:33:18; wherein we felt that it is shorter than 5K. I even overheard someone that it was just 4.2K.
12 Responses
  1. dong ho Says:

    good for you. i just joined once in UP but that was it. i might join one again but need to prepare myself.

  2. MinnieRunner Says:

    Our first DNF. But I'm still glad we had participated :)

  3. Dhemz Says:

    I love all the freebies...ehehehhe!

    wish you can join my giveaway contest!

  4. I guess you still have wonderful times :)

  5. pusang kalye Says:

    ang dami ngang freebies. hahaha. not bad motivation yan. aside from the health aspect, kung me mga freebies pa. bakit hindi. bonus na yun.

    ----by the way. My hometown is ANDA--next to the hundred Island, not actually Alaminos---pero bangka na lang. yung port opposite the post to the hunderd islands, don kami nasakay para tumawid ng isla.

  6. Jag Says:

    Im not sure if i could survive any of those RUNS `coz I have hika hahahah...

    Wow! Lot`s of freebies...

  7. Pietro Says:

    Very nice sequence of images! An enjoyable run indeed!

  8. Paulo: You sure are looking spry in your running outfit.

  9. Serline Says:

    It's always nice to combine a good workout with a good cause. Better luck with the 10K next time.

  10. goyo Says:

    gusto ko din makasali sa mga ganyang event.. salamat nga po pala sa pagbisita sa site ko. :D

  11. Golden Says:

    Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Haven't attended a running event (do you call it running event? LOL) yet. I don't think we have such here in Baguio. Glad to know you had fun though. :)

    Lots of love,